Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

We love Chubby Cheeks!

Ben coloring at the Easter Party

Ben loves to make his Mean Face, especially for Uncle Mike trying to take a picture.

On Saturday we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at Ben's Preschool. He really enjoyed the hunt this year. He was picking up all the little eggs in the beginning because he liked them better. Then he saw a big one opened and he looked at me with a stunned expression and said, "Mom, the big ones have more candy." At that point he started to trade the little ones out for the big ones. David says he is a true Behrmann. Always trying to get the most bang for the buck. On Easter morning we drove down to Lawton to David's dad's house for church and a wonderful Easter dinner. We had a good time there. Ben especially liked playing outside with Nana's new dog, Ozzy. On the way home he was mumbling, "Where's Ozzy? Where's Ozzy?" in his sleep. David drove to Houston Monday morning to take a clinical skills part of his boards exam. He will return late tonight or early Wednesday. It will be nice to be one step closer to graduation. Although it won't be fun to wait 2 months for the results of his exam. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Moment Captured!

Still sinking in...................


The director of Student Services from David's school emailed us these pictures tonight. Apparently he knew where David had matched and decided to take pictures of us opening it. You can see how surprised we were.

We matched at.........

JOHNS HOPKINS! My sister Ruth, David's dad, Justin & Erin Linton, and Tina Berrett all guessed it right. We were definately stunned to say the least! We will stay in Oklahoma for David's intern year at the University of Oklahoma and then move to Baltimore to start in July of 2009! We will be there for 4 years and possibly 5 for a fellowship. I have no idea what to expect. I can't even picture Baltimore. It will be something completely new to me. I am a true blue midwestern girl. I hear there are tons of things to do so you will all have to come and visit us. Washington D.C. and New York City are both very near. We matched at the farthest place from ALL of our family! Not a single relative east of the Mississippi. Should be interesting and definately a new experience. I am proud of David and all of his long, hard work. We are thrilled.

Monday, March 17, 2008

We Matched!

David found out today that he matched! Yes, there are people who go to 4 years of undergraduate and 4 years of medical school and don't match into the specialty of their choice and either have to pick something else or wait a year to try again. So, he will definately be a radiologist..........in 5 years! Now we just have to wait until thursday at 1 pm Eastern time to find out where. We have absolutely no clue where it will be. So lets hear your guesses. These are your choices from his radiology rank list in NO particular order:
Mayo Clinic: Rochester, MN
University of OK: OKC, OK
Johns Hopkins: Baltimore, MD
Integris Baptist: OKC, OK
University of Wisconsin: Madison, WI
University of Nebraska: Omaho, NE
Washington University: St. Louis, MO
University of New Mexico: Albuquerque, NM
Wake Forest: Winston-Salem, NC
Baylor Dallas: Dallas, TX
University of Iowa: Iowa City, IA
Mayo Clinic: Jacksonville, FL
Scott & White: Temple, TX
UTSW: Dallas, TX

I am excited to hear your guesses! It will be our own Match March Madness bracket!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Soccer Star

The whole first half!

Ben with the Traynor twins. David told them to make a wall. Ben decided a squat would cover the most territory. They were the only 3 that would play at that moment. :)

A great throw in

Notice the tongue. He gets that from me!

Today was Ben's first soccer game! What a great time. We signed him up at the YMCA with a group of friends from church. The Y was short coaches this year so in order for them to be able to play I signed David up to be their coach. Trying to coach eight 3 year olds is a large task. Thursday night was the first practice. One boy cried and ran to his mom when David said his name. Ben picked up the ball and when David stopped him to take it away he cried and ran to me. Another wanted nothing to do with the rest of the group and hung out on the other side of the field. On the way to the game today David was rehearsing the line ups and deciding how to sub the kids. When the game started only 4 would even go on the field, one of which was laying on the ground! Ben refused to play the entire first half because he was cold and they weren't using his ball. He sat on the sidelines bundled up on Katherine's lap. I guess David didn't have to worry about favoring his son. For some reason, Ben decided to play during the second half. It was so fun to watch. He even scored a goal...........do we need to mention it was in our goal? It was a great shot :) He did pick up the ball one time, but he excelled at the throw ins. One time he dribbled across the whole field horizontally right in front of the goal and kept going when he reached the side lines. It was so funny to watch them all. Sam was frequently found in the other teams huddle. At the end of the game two little boys from the other team were sneaking our team's snacks. We have twins on our team that are a year older than the rest and it showed. They were definately the stars. Jason, the boy twin scored over and over and was so proud of himself. At the end of the game I asked him how many goals he had and he said, "Um, I think 8." Then I asked his sister how many she had and she said, "I think 4." Jason very quickly corrected her and said, "No, just 2 Nicole." One poor little girl on the other team, who was actually doing a very good job and had even scored a few times was scolded by her mother. I couldn't believe it. She took her to the sidelines and yelled very forcefully and loudly, "This is not a social event. Do something out there." I wanted to say something to her like "She's 3!", but held my tongue. And I thought I was competitive. I will admit though, I did get into it when Ben finally started playing. Hopefully by the end of the season he will put 2 and 2 together. Until then, we will enjoy the great entertainment. For those of you who won't recognize him in the pictures, he is the one with the lovely green sweat pants on and the blue and white stocking hat. Notice David in the background. He displayed great patience out there.