Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An End to Interviews!

Today marks the end to David's interviews! He is on his way home from Tulsa as I write this entry. He ended up going to 14 radiology interviews and 4 separate intern year interviews. Its been A LOT of expensive traveling. Hopefully it will all pay off come March 20th, match day! It's a nerve racking process. A few of David's classmates who participated in the early match did not match this year. That is a possibility we don't like to talk or even think about. Stressful times. It's hard to believe that we moved to Oklahoma almost 4 years ago! People always tell you time will go by fast and somehow it does in the end. A lot has changed in our lives during that time......2 kids to say the least. I look back to leaving BYU and think how hard it was to leave Utah and most of my family. But, we have come to LOVE Oklahoma. We have made wonderful friends here and I have to believe that will be the case wherever our lives take us. How comforting to know that Heavenly Father knows where David and Karen need to be on this next journey of our lives.....and that is exactly where David will match. But it sure would be nice to not have to wait until match day to find out!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007 Christmas Vacation

Its been a long, long time since I last wrote. Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone! We took a very long road trip and have finally started to recuperate. On the 19th of December we headed to Albuquerque for David to interview at the University of New Mexico. From there were headed to Durango, CO to visit David's mom. While we were there we rode the Polar Express to the North Pole to visit Santa. We were also able to see the beautiful log home Sue and Jim are building there. From there we headed to Eagle Mountain, UT to see Ruth for a night. Then on to Paradise (near Logan) for Christmas to be with my parents. We were there for a few days before we headed to Bountiful to Alison's house. From there we drove to St. George to visit David's grandmother and my friend Allie from nursing school. On the way back to Logan we were able to make a convenient stop in Payson to David's uncle's Pediatrician's office. Both the kids had ear infections. David interviewed at the new IHC hospital in Murray before driving on to St. Louis for two more interviews. I flew home with the kids on the 12th of January. We intended to visit more of you while we were there, but honestly we were so sick of driving we pretty much only visited family....Which for me is a task in its own. We put over 4, 000 miles on the car! Overall the kids were surprisingly very good, especially Ben. What a life saver our portable DVD player was. It was not fun to nurse Kate every 3-4 hours along the road at the gas stations though! David just returned yesterday from his last radiology interview in Iowa. We will now put our rank list together and sit on pins and needles until match day on March 20th when we find out where to next. Kate is growing up fast! She has started solids and is rolling over! She and Ben were given the same dose of antibiotics for their ear infections. She will probably overtake him before Christmas. Poor little guy just may get beat up by his little sister. Ben was so excited to see our house when we pulled in. He said, "Look mom, its our house. Its not gone!" Then when we went inside he kept saying things like, "Look mom the couch, Look mom Kate's swing." He was ready to be at home and excited to go back to preschool. We hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas! I enjoyed reading the mounds of Christmas cards that were awaiting us when we got home.

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