Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday Party

Saturday we had a Curious George birthday party for Ben. His actual birthday is the 14th. We had seven 2 year olds and their parents. Most of them have baby siblings as well. It was quite a houseful. We had a good time. Ben had a couple melt downs when he didn't want to share his new toys....especially his new football Uncle Mike and Aunt Christina gave him. We had to wait for him to compose himself before we could cut the cake. Its great having new toys around. He has been so independent playing with all of them.
David has started interview season. So far he has interviewed at OU and Nebraska. Next on the long list are John Hopkins and Mayo MN. The flights, hotel, etc. are beginning to add up. Kate and I came down with a chest cough/cold this weekend. Its so sad to hear Kate cough. I am sure she caught it from me, so it makes me feel bad. Ben had a cold a couple of weeks ago and is still having a residual cough from it......probably the same bug. Ben goes to the dentist for the first time tomorrow. I hope he is cooperative. We hope you are all happy and healthy!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween. Ben was a frog and Kate was his princess. We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating with our friends and their kids. David and I still feel like we should be the ones trick-or-treating so it was fun to live vicariously through Ben. Ben kept picking out suckers until we trained him to get the chocolate. It was so funny to see them ring doorbells and knock relentlessly. Ben got upset when no one answered the door. Near the end, Ben decided he needed to hop in between houses, so needless to say we were slowed down quite a bit. We took a break for half-time and went inside for warm chili, rolls, wassail, carmel popcorn and salad.