Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Family Pictures

Here are our 2010 family pictures taken by Kate Ash. Forgive me for including ALL of my favorites, but I want them recorded in my printed blog book! David was such a trooper for these pictures. This was his weekend: Friday Night from 4-8 pm: Ben's birthday party at Chucky Cheese: directly followed by a night on call. Saturday he slept for about two hours before I woke him up for family pictures: directly followed by another night at the hospital! Sunday he slept for a few more hours before I woke him up to celebrate Ben's real birthday with our little family: And you guessed it....directly followed by 5 more consecutive nights of call. He must know that a happy wife equals a happy life! I had to schedule them last minute so literally this was the only time we could take them if we wanted them done. I think they were worth all the stress and although it may be a blur to David, I think he thinks they were worth it too!





Ben and Kate




Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010!

Christmas already seems to be a distant memory, but I can't let it go by completely without first blogging some memories. We had a relatively quiet Christmas. We stayed in Baltimore, which proved to be a good thing because we all came down with a stomach bug. Fortunately, the kids got sick just prior to Christmas, so they were feeling well for the big day. David and I were not so lucky. I was sick on Christmas Day so David put together some chicken nuggets and corndogs for their Christmas dinner. I was feeling a little better on the 26th, so I decided to make up for Christmas and cook a nice dinner...ham, cheesy potatoes, green beans, rolls, etc. David enjoyed it until he threw it up just hours later. It was a nasty and persistent bug. I can't say I know a single family in Baltimore that escaped it. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our little family. On Christmas Eve Day, the kids enjoyed visiting an extensive train exhibit at the local mall. That evening we read the Christmas story and opened our traditional pajamas.

Jacob looked so cute on his first Christmas!

I can't quite remember what Kate was so cross about in this picture...maybe because I didn't fix her hair? Can you tell I wasn't feeling well?

Ben (and David) enjoyed all the Legos!

Ben and Kate were so excited for the big day. My favorite part was watching them hug and thank each other for the presents they exchanged.

All the festivities made for some tired little kids!