Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here is a copy of our 2009 Christmas Card if you didn't receive one by mail this year. We are doing well and surviving the 20 plus inches of snow we received yesterday! Enough to cancel church and close the malls on Super Saturday! It reminds me of Minnesota....except for all the closures! Ben, Kate and I have cabin fever already! Unfortunately, David is stuck at the hospital this weekend. Ben doesn't understand why daddy's work isn't closed when everything else is! They are expecting a rush of broken bones and car accidents to start flooding the ER soon! Hope you are all well and have a very Merry Christmas!

And here is our 2009 "Life According to Ben and Kate" section!

Kate: (Speaking to Karen) "Want Daddy come home, you boring."

While making dinner, I started the mixer. Kate yelling above the noise: "Mom, Annoying!

After showing Ben a preview for the "Walking With Dinosaurs" arena spectacular on the computer I asked, "Would you like to go see that show with Daddy?" Ben: "I can't mom." Karen: "Why not?" Ben: "Mom.....we just can't get into the computer."

Breaking the silence while driving in the car on the way home from turning in our pikepass: Ben, "I sure am going to miss this Oklahoma place."

Ben requested I stop the car as we pulled out of Rob and Di's driveway leaving Oklahoma. He said he needed to tell Natalee one more thing. I motioned for Natalee to come over, rolled down the window and Ben said, "Expect the unexpected!" Our parting tears turned to laughter.

While at the Baltimore Zoo, Ben: "I'm SO glad we moved to Maryland so I could see that goat poop."

As David walked in with the mail on his birthday...Karen: "Did you get any cards?" David: "No." Ben: "Is that because you don't have any friends dad?"

Seconds after Kate pooped in the toilet for the first time...Ben: "Yes! That means we can have a baby now."

While buckling Ben in after church, Ben: "I know church is good for us, but sometimes it sure is boring."

Ben: "I want a Wii for my birthday." Karen: "Oh Ben, Wiis cost lots of money." Ben: "Okay, then I'll just ask Santa for Christmas, he doesn't have to pay for anything!"

Ben: "What if boys had babies and girls had the Priesthood?"

While visiting an elderly lady in a classic nursing home today, Ben: "Are there germs here?" Karen: "Probably" Ben: "There are. I can smell them."

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Ever since we moved to Baltimore, Ben has been waiting for it to snow. A couple of months ago Nana sent gorgeous snow suits, boots, mittens, hats and jackets for the winter. The kids put them on immediately and wore them around the house the day they arrived in the mail and a few days since then. Today.....all their dreams came true! Beautiful snow...perfect for playing in. David joined them outside and even sported his own ski pants, boots, gloves, hat and Northface jacket. When he was headed outside I told him it wasn't that cold out! I think he was just a little excited too. He did admit later that he got a little hot, but now he is telling me that it was only because he was working while he was out there. :) They made a family of 4 snowmen and snow chairs for Ben and Kate. Kate enjoyed catching snowflakes on her tongue! Afterwards we all had hot chocolate and watched football. A great day in Baltimore.