Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Chapter

This last week David and I traveled to Baltimore to find a new place to live. We searched the entire city...ghetto and all. We looked at over 25 rentals and finally decided on one. The cost of living on the east coast terrifies me, but I am trying to have faith everything will work out in the end. Coming from Oklahoma creates massive sticker shock! I am excited about the house we found and feel good about our choice. Its a 3-4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath brick home that has been newly renovated. My favorite part is the brand new kitchen...granite countertops and beautiful stainless steel appliances. There is a full basement that will be newly finished and carpeted by the time we move in. We satisfied Ben's one request. He really wanted stairs. Here are a few pictures to get a better idea...

Front Room

Dining Room

Sun Room



After we found a place to live David and I explored the city. We drove to Hopkins so I could get a better idea of where he would be working. This is a picture of the hospital there when it was first established.

We also went to the inner harbor and walked around town. Among other things we visited the National aquarium, a science museum and the Camden Yards baseball park. On our way out of town we stopped by the Washington DC temple. It was absolutely beautiful.

We are happy to be home and even happier to have our home here "under contract" to sell. The timing of our closing should work out perfectly. We are very thankful. Being away from the kids for a week really helped me to see that it doesn't really matter where you live...its just the people you live with. I really missed them. And so a new chapter begins. And an adventurous one it promises to be!