Tuesday, April 10, 2012

San Diego Days 9-10

Day 9
On Saturday, we got up bright and early (4:30 AM) to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to Landcaster, CA for Coby Bryant Castillo's baptism (David's nephew). We were joined by nearly the whole gang...Rob and Di and family, Jae and kids, Randy and Jerry, Uncle Cle and cousin Matt, Stephanie and family, and even Great Grandma Behrmann who (along with her caretaker Shelly) had made the long drive from Nyssa, Oregon. Coby is named after her late husband Bryant Behrmann. It was great to see her. We centered nearly all of our pictures around her.

The baptism and confirmation were wonderful and were followed by a lunch at Olive Garden. After Olive Garden, we made the drive back to San Diego so we could pack up our bags in preparation for our return home. It was a long day in the car!

And just to make the night more exciting, we went for round #3 of Settlers. I will even admit that I suffered my first loss of the week...good job Katherine!

Day 10
After a wonderful vacation it was time to head home. The kids were delighted to find that the Easter bunny found them all the way in San Diego! Sunday was also Di's birthday, so Natalee, Katherine and Rob woke up early and treated her to a wonderful breakfast in bed of pancakes, french toast, strawberries, whip cream, bacon and orange juice. We were definitely happy to join in on the feast! Rob and Di took us to the airport and our flights went off without a hitch. Kate got so excited when we landed in San Antonio for our layover. She shouted..."Texas. Texas. Texas!" Jacob was a dream! He either sat happily on my lap or slept the entire way home. No one heard a peep out of him this time around...an Easter blessing! A huge thanks to Rob and Di for providing us with a roof over our heads, great entertainment, and a van to drive the entire week. Our trip would not have been the same or even possible without them. It was so fun to see Sammy again. Jacob grew to love him (just like we all do) while we were there. I can't say enough good things about Natalee and Katherine. They are such a joy to be around... nice, good, kind, & beautiful girls. Ever since living near Rob and Di in Edmond, OK our families have had a unique connection. It was like no time had ever passed. It was great to be with family again, but even better to be with family you would also choose for friends!

San Diego Days 7-8

Day 7
After a very long day at Disneyland, we needed a day to rest! On Thursday, we stuck around the house and had a barbeque and a little Easter egg hunt in Di's backyard. Sam came out for the occasion, but despite my best efforts I couldn't get Jacob to give him any of his "balls" (eggs). Jae and his family came over for the night. All the kids had fun. After the little kids went to bed we went for Round 2 of Settlers. I think David and I could play that game almost every night if only we had someone to play it with!

Day 8
On Friday, we met up with Jae and kids, Natalee and Katherine, and Randy and Jerry for a fun day at Sea World.

We enjoyed the penguins, dolphins, polar bears, Orca whales, beluga whales, otters, turtles and the sharks. When we were in the shark exhibit walking through the tunnel surrounded by the water Kate stopped and said, "WHOA...this is like real life!"

The Orca whale show was really neat...I was very grateful we hadn't chosen to sit in the "Soak" zone!

Ben loved the Atlantis water ride. He said it was his favorite thing on the entire trip...(at least until I reminded him of space mountain)!

Kate and Luke were too short for a few of the rides, but they happily entertained themselves anyway!

Nana bought the kids some fish to feed to the sea otters. Ben was too scared to touch the fish, but not his little sister Kate. She was too fast for me to get a picture though! The otters reminded me a little of Jacob impatiently squawking for his food!

Jacob and I enjoyed the polar bears and the beluga whales. The whales look a little like ghosts in these pictures.

Kate enjoyed the penguins and the dolphin show.

At the end of the day we took Jacob for a ride with Elmo. He loved it and did not want to get off!

And here is our last family photo of the day! A day well spent!

After the kids were in bed, Rob and Di and David and I headed to a Thai restaurant for dinner. I let Rob order for me and I really enjoyed all of the food. David and I fought for the leftovers the next day! Thanks again to Katherine for babysitting!

San Diego Day 6: Disneyland!

Day 6
On Wednesday, we started early and headed off to the Disneyland and California Adventure Parks!

It was our first visit, so they gave us these cute pins.

We were joined by Rob & Di and the girls as well as Jae and kids from Utah. We had quite the group! I had made reservations a few weeks earlier for the Princess Breakfast so the girls headed that way. Kate absolutely LOVED the breakfast. I was so glad we didn't have to stand in long lines for these photos and autographs. She was in heaven! We met 5 princesses! Kate was a little disappointed Rapunzel was not there, but we were all relieved when we saw her in the parade later! It did make her day when Princess Aurora told her that she looked like Rapunzel with her little braid! And of course another pin for Kate!

After the breakfast we joined up with the rest of our group and enjoyed several rides. We ran into Woody and snagged his autograph and picture too.

The highlight of the day for me was watching Jacob at the parade. He LOVED it! He was priceless! We were on the front row and he was standing. Nearly every character that passed blew him a direct kiss. One character even came over to Jacob and spent quite awhile with him. Normally he would have been shy, but he ate it up!

Kate put on a show too...she danced front and center all by herself while the military band walked by. David and I aren't quite sure where she got her moves from! We captured her and Jacob on video.

Ben was content to sit back with the older kids and enjoy the show!

Here are just a few more of my favorite pictures from the day!

Would you believe we all survived staying at the park from 8:30 AM until Midnight! Well, if you look closely Kate and Jacob are asleep in the last picture! It was a long day, but loved by all. We got back to Rob and Di's at 2 AM!