Friday, June 13, 2008

Kate's Tubes

Kate's surgery went great today. She is a little trooper. It was a long night since she couldn't eat or drink, but once we got to the hospital she was a little angel. She played, laughed and even slept while we were waiting. The surgery was fast and went great. Dr. Hales said the fluid behind her ears was thick- resembling spaghetti when he sucked it out. She should be an even happier baby now! Thank you for your prayers. Being on the mom side of things is always different than the nurse side!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Miss Kate

Just wanted to let everyone know Kate will be having minor surgery on friday to have ear tubes placed. She has had 5 ear infections since the end of November and most likely has had fluid in her ears that entire time or longer. She had a hearing test done today. She is hearing below the normal level. I was surpised to see how many times she didn't react to the sounds until they made them louder. I hadn't noticed that there was even a problem. She has been crawling around with what seems to her like ear muffs on for quite some time now. Now we know why she gets so excited when Ben comes around....he is much louder than David or I. We are very grateful to a wonderful friend and physician at church for taking his own time to check Kate out last Sunday and for making the entire process so easy and fast for us. She is in good hands! Please keep her in your prayers this week.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Class of 2008!

A Doctor in the House!

Could it really be true? Is David really done with medical school? Did we really survive with no paycheck for how many years? Time has flown by! For some reason it doesn't quite seem real. David's graduation was last Saturday, May 31st. It was fun to spend a day with David's family for the occasion. His brother Jae and family came from Dallas, his mom from Colorado, and of course the Oklahoma Behrmanns all made their presence. David even received a congratulations phone call from Dr. Rob in Iraq just as graduation concluded. I made sure to take a picture of him talking to Rob, while still dressed in his cap and gown. After the ceremony we all ventured to Hideaway Pizza to celebrate with family and close friends. Enjoy our slide show of the day! Beware of the hospital come July! It's full of brand spankin new Interns!