Monday, April 25, 2011

We Celebrated!

Ben has a fascination with calendars. He loves crossing off the dates, seeing who has a birthday coming up, and looking forward to planned events. A few weeks ago, he asked me when Easter was. I told him in a few weeks. He wanted to know the exact date so I told him to go look at his calendar and it would say "Easter." He ran to his room and I heard a big disappointed, "OH MAN!" I asked him what was wrong and he said, "It's on a Sunday! Are we going to be able to celebrate it?"

(Rewind to was on a Sunday and Ben chose not to go trick or treating. Instead he told his entire class and their parents that he would not be going trick or treating, but would be going to "church instead." Then there is the "Westy Walk," the school's huge fundraiser/festival next month.....again on a Sunday. The school does something nearly everyday just to prepare for it. Pep Rallies, t-shirt design contests, etc. Ben decided he wanted to "obey all of the commandments" and has chosen not to go. But now Easter? Would this be his breaking point?)

I smiled and informed Ben that Easter is always on a Sunday. I asked him why we had Easter and suddenly he had clarity. He was so relieved that "we would be able to celebrate." Just in case things were still a little fuzzy we took some time Monday night to review the Easter story. The kids loved learning about it.

We started off the festivities with an egg hunt at the Ebert home on Thursday! The neighbors invited the kids to a second egg hunt Friday night. They had so much candy already, the Easter bunny didn't even need to come, but of course he did!

Ben decided everyone needed to get ready for church before they started looking for their baskets. Sometimes I'm not sure where this kid comes from, but I won't complain!

We had a yummy Easter dinner with our friends, the Nelsons. Ham, cheesy potatoes, salad, cranberry mousse, rolls & chocolate pie! When you don't have family around you make your own family!

NYC in a DAY!

David and I took advantage of a great groupon and booked a round trip 3 hour bus ride to NYC for only $25! This was David and I's first trip to NYC! We tried to take advantage of every minute of our 8 hours! We had a great time exploring and just taking it all in.

Our first stop was Times Square. From there we wandered around 5th Avenue and quickly learned we wouldn't be shopping at SAKS.

Next, we discovered the Rockefeller Center. Unfortunately, we didn't go to the top of the Rock because there was zero visibility that day. It was much chillier than we expected. We carried our umbrella around all day, but were happy not to have to use it!

Somewhere along the way we ran into the Magnolia Bakery. It was meant to be! I enjoyed a red velvet cupcake and David loved his brownie.

We are proud to report that we successfully navigated the Subway. Well actually, David did. I just followed. I'm not to proud to admit he has a much better sense of direction than I do.

We walked past the Manhattan Temple near Columbus Circle. A refuge from the world has a whole new meaning!

From there we walked to and across Central Park. This was one of my personal favorites. I was surprised by how big it was and by how few homeless people we saw roaming around. I don't think I saw a single one. Next time I want to rent a tandem bike!

From there we walked to the MET. We didn't have time to go time for sure. We took the subway down to Wall St. Once upon a time, David did get a business management degree in finance after all....before all this medicine madness began! We also got some great pizza at Steve's Pizza.

Our next stop was to see the Statue of Liberty. Of course the view was obstructed by the thick fog, but we did our best. How could we not at least try?

From there we walked through Chinatown. David got a pair of sunglasses for $5. We had offers to see some "Prada, Coach & Tiffany's," but we just didn't have time. I really enjoyed Chinatown and wish we would have had more time there. We attempted to make it back to the top of the Rock hoping the sky had cleared enough, but by the time we reached it at 4 PM, tickets were selling for the 5:55 ride. Unfortunately, our bus departed at 6. So instead, we wandered around a few more stores like the M&M store and the American Doll store. We grabbed some dinner at a sandwich place before we headed back to the bus. A huge thank you to my friend Krista for watching all 3 of our kids for 16+ hours! I can't tell you how many times I was so grateful we didn't have them with us. It would have been disastrous! We had tons of fun and didn't even scratch the surface! I already have my wish list for our next trip!

Jacob's New Do!

Jacob got his first haircut on tax day! For some reason, David really didn't want me to cut Jacob's hair. But, he was past due! My great and talented friend Krista did a great job! Somehow the cut instantly made Jacob look older, chubbier and his eyes more blue!



Playing Catch Up!

David got some free passes to the National Aquarium! We were planning on going for Jacob's birthday, but had to postpone our trip a couple of weeks thanks to the stomach bug! The kids had a great time. Their favorite part is always the dolphin show.

Kate was terrified of the sharks. She really thought they could "get her!"

Bath time is always fun! I have decided 3 is a little too much at once though. I have successfully convinced Ben showers are better and I LOVE that he can do it all by himself now! Jacob LOVES the bath!