Monday, February 20, 2012

Mindi. Mount Vernon. President's Day.

Mindi and I were BYU roommates, both nursing students and the very best of friends. This is us in front of our apartment: The Marin, #9! I'm hoping we didn't plan the outfits, but I'm thinking we probably did!

Fast forward 11 years and 6 kids later and you get this. Our kids are nearly the exact same ages!

After nearly ten years we met up again at Mount Vernon on President's Day! Mindi and her family were in town touring Washington D.C. We had never been to Mt. Vernon so we decided to meet them there. Although it was crowded (it was a free day) we couldn't have picked a better day to celebrate our first President, George Washington.

This has always been my favorite picture of George Washington, a picture that hung in my home growing up.

We enjoyed touring the mansion and seeing the beautiful view of the Potomac River. Ben was worried we were going to have to eat the fake cow tongue displayed on the dining room table.

Kate was just a little annoyed with all the shooting guns and spent a long time covering her ears. When she saw George Washington she said, "Why do they keep pretending that guy is still alive?" She wasn't happy to learn that the cherry tree story she had learned about in preschool last week was really just a hoax!

Here is the tomb of George and Martha Washington. We waited in a long line to get this awesome picture. Thanks for looking at the camera David!

The kids enjoyed seeing the stables, the animals and the carriages.

It was a great day. Let's hope it won't take 10 more years for Mindi and I to get together again!