Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Because

I just wanted to share some pictures....just because they are too cute not too. Thanks again to Stephanie for capturing them. We have had an eventful couple of days. Friday morning we went to the zoo with some friends. Ben, Dyson and Haley found a sprinkler and got SOAKING wet. They were having too much fun to stop them. Kate loved the swings and carousel. Later that day we went to Ben's soccer practice and then met up with Mike, Christina and Boo for dinner. David was having a sleep over at the hospital so we dropped off some food to him on our way home. Boo slept over last night and went with us today to 2 of Ben's soccer games as well as one for Katherine. Katherine is awesome. She did this little move with the ball and faked out a girl. I was so proud of her. I wanted everyone to know she was my neice. Rob, you would have been proud! I think I remember seeing you teach her that move in your backyard. Enjoy the pictures! They are growing up too fast.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our Tiger Soccer Star

Ben started his second season of YMCA soccer this past week. My friend Stephanie took some great pictures of him and the rest of the team. Something really clicked in Ben's soccer brain between last season and this season. All of the kids were awesome. They figured out the object of the game and ran with it. Ben said he scored 5 goals, but it was probably more like 3 or 4. He only cried one time when he bumped heads with another player. We do need to work on his little temper though. He wanted the ball at one point and struggled to get it out of a pack of kids so he started throwing elbows and fists around. The coach had to restrain him. If any of you have seen David play soccer you will understand where this temper comes from. I will admit it probably doesn't help to have my competitive genes in the mix either. He just might end up being a soccer star though. He is quick on his feet and has the needed aggression soccer requires. A big thanks to Boo (Paternal Grandpa in Thai) for making the drive from Lawton just to watch Ben play for the day. It was Boo's first day off after being on call for 10 straight days. I am sure it would have been nice to just stay at home. It meant a lot to have him there. And thanks also to Aunt Di and Katherine, the rest of Ben's cheering squad. Go Tigers!