Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Any Similarities?

Jacob: The earliest! 5 pounds 3 ounces

Kate: The biggest! 6 pounds 6 ounces

Ben: The smallest! 4 pounds 5 ounces

Jacob William

Early Friday morning, March 12th our little boy decided he wanted to top both Ben and Kate and arrive at 34 weeks. I was literally awakened at 3 am to a popping sensation. After awakening our friends to come stay with the kids and packing those last minute things we headed to the hospital. We checked in with the triage nurse at 4:15 am and he was born at 5:10 am! He wasted no time. I only pushed 3 times. Fortunately, we live within a mile of the hospital. Jacob was taken to the NICU right away as a precautionary measure due to his prematurity. He received IV antibiotics for 48 hours and was monitored closely. His blood sugar dropped at one point, but was quickly corrected with a little formula. He never even required any supplemental oxygen. He was discharged Monday and is doing great. He is nursing, sleeping, peeing and pooping like a little champ! We are so grateful. My biggest struggle at this point is my enormous milk supply, so I can't complain. The NICU nurses teased me that I could feed the whole NICU. Their census was 32! Jacob reminds me a lot of Ben...wearing the same little preemie clothes, etc. I have found myself calling him Ben on several occasions already. Now I understand why at times my mother went through all my sisters names before she got mine right! David was given the week off so we are enjoying our time together. Ben and Kate are in heaven and doing quite well for such a big change. We are so grateful to our wonderful friends.....especially Ann, Kristen and Heather (you too Destry!). They took such great care of Ben and Kate, allowing both David and I to concentrate on the baby. They were in perfect hands and I never worried about them once. That was a great blessing to me. No matter where I have gone, my church friends have literally become my family. My mom will be coming on March 25th. We are looking forward to her visit. Several of my pregnant friends are jealous Jacob has arrived....hang in there. I have all but forgotten how uncomfortable I was. He was more than worth it all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sneak Peak!

Today we got to have a sneak peak at the baby! He was measuring right on....about 4 1/2 pounds at this point; 33 weeks. I think he looked like Ben, but David thinks it's all in my head. He does have David's widow's peak though! We will get a final report from the Doctor later about the fluid levels. Ben and Kate love looking at the new pictures! They seem so much more real to them in 3D. Kate is so excited for her, "little baby" to arrive and Ben wants to "rock him or something tomorrow!"