Monday, May 23, 2011

Our First Visit From the Toothfairy!

Ben has had two loose teeth for quite some time. We attempted to convince Ben to let us pull them out but he was determined to let them fall out at school. If they fall out at school they get to go to the nurse's office and get a special box for their tooth. Ben got sick of waiting and asked David to pull the first tooth out. He was so excited when it came out and even more excited when the tooth fairy came. He even wrote her a thank you note and drew her a picture the next day at school. He had to figure out how to give it to her so he asked David to pull out the second tooth the very next night. What a true get a taste of money and you'll do anything to get more.....even if it's only a dollar! Ben informed me that the tooth fairy would be leaving him two things on the second night. One for the tooth....the other because he worked so hard to make his handwriting look extra nice on his card. He's a smart boy. How can you disappoint that?

If you look closely you can make out the bunk beds (Ben is on the top bunk, Kate the bottom). The tooth fairy has a dollar in her very large bag, the tooth is on top of the ladder, and the light fixture is on the ceiling!

We have two little boys in our losing his teeth....the other working so hard to get them. Together they now complete the full set!

Kate's Surgery

Little Miss Kate held onto her original ear tubes for 3 years. And they only came out because they were surgically removed a couple of weeks ago. She was a perfect angel the entire day. She didn't even complain that she couldn't eat and was so excited to go to Daddy's work. She loved every minute of the attention. My favorite part was when she woke up from her anesthesia. One second she was fast asleep and the very next she shot straight up in bed. You can't keep her down for long! In addition to removing the tubes, the ENT took a small deposit of fat from behind her ear to create fat grafts inside her ears to close the holes. Hopefully they will take. On the way out, I asked her if she had fun. She said, "YES!" Then I asked her if she wanted to do it again tomorrow. " that's okay." She thought about it though!

Green Machines!

Ben has really enjoyed t-ball this season. He is proud to be a member of the Green Machines. He has definitely improved from the beginning of the season. When we first started he use to run to every ball, regardless if he was playing 3rd base and it went to 1st. He has mastered his ready position and now stays put in his "area." The team has graduated from the tee to coaches pitch. Ben gets a piece of it every now and then.....definitely something we need to work on. Maybe it would help if we bought him a bat?! Sometimes I wonder if he can see when he wears the helmet or if one of these times he just might bite that tongue off. I was grateful at the beginning of the season when he seemed to be the only one who would keep his white pants clean.....didn't last long. His favorite part.....running the bases and sliding whenever he gets the chance. Kate LOVES going to the games. She remains the social butterfly of every game and of course can't wait for snack time! And Jacob...happy to be a usual.