Monday, October 8, 2012

Overdo Updates!

Judging by my complete lack of blogging skills over the past several months, you can guess how I feel when I am pregnant....not good!  Tonight, I am feeling the need to get updated on a few important happenings before this new baby comes!

Kate's 5th Birthday! 

Kate turned 5 on July 17th.  We celebrated her special day with a trip to Red Robin...her favorite place.  We were lucky to find Red there and even luckier to get a picture taken with him.

Among many special gifts, Kate received a handmade doll that looks just like her from her Grandma Gillett.  Kate especially loves the "I love you" stitched onto her doll's heart.

Kate requested a pool party and despite the rain on the original planned date, we managed to finally pull it off.  Kate shares a birthday month with her friend Addi Dalley so we joined forces and celebrated together.  Everyone had a good time!

Utah Bound!

During the first two weeks of August, we enjoyed time with family and friends in Utah.  We had a great reunion with our friends, the Eberts.  On our first Sunday there, as we walked into my sister Alison's church building Jacob started chanting, "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa" and squirmed out of my arms.  Since this was a new word for him, I was pretty puzzled.  Things quickly became clear as I watched him run down the hall towards Kristen (whose ward shares a chapel with Alison's ward).  He was so excited to see his 2nd mother!  The kids had a great time playing together again!

Michael, Courtney, David, Jason, Ben, Jacob, Kate, John
While we were in Utah, my sisters' Ruth and Alison ran the Provo Half Marathon with David and his brother Jae.  It was very hard for me to cheer from the sidelines this time around.  They all did a great job!  Thanks to Grandma Gillett for watching all 9 of our children (nothing new for her) while we spent the night in Provo!
Ruth, Alison, David, Jae

The kids loved the time we spent at the Gillett family reunion.  Cousins, Cousins and more Cousins! 
Cade, Zane, Madalyn, Ben, Harrison, Jayden, Kate
Kate, J.D., Jayden, Harrison, Ben, Samantha, Madalyn, Jacob
Despite all the fun at the reunion, the highlight would have to be the "Redneck water slide."  

David's 33rd Birthday!  

After returning home, we celebrated David's birthday with nothing less than a German chocolate cake! 

1st Day of School!  

The long awaited 1st day of school finally arrived!  Kate was so thrilled to go to school with Ben and ride the bus!  There was another Kindergartner at the bus stop in tears on the first day.  Kate looked at her like she was crazy! Kate boarded that bus with no hesitations and never looked back. 

Meet Your Teacher Day
Kate and Ms. Rahmaan 
Ben and Ms. Parks 
First Day

2nd Grade
Kate's First Bus Ride
 Jacob loves to be big like Ben and Kate.  He is their perfect copy cat!

NFL Ravens' Game day!

On Thursday, September 27th, David took Ben to their first NFL football game!  David requested the tickets for his birthday gift last month.  Their seats were in the 8th row & the Ravens won.  They had a great time, despite the downpour of rain (they were both grateful I sent them with ponchos)!  Although it was a very late night for Ben, it was a night well spent with memories made.