Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who stole the cookie(S), in the cookie jar?

Kate...and she got caught!

After discovering the height the oven gave her, Kate moved on to bigger and better things. She now pushes our kitchen chairs EVERYWHERE she goes.....over and over and over and over again! There is NEVER a rest with Kate in our home. She fell off the chair yesterday and bruised her forehead. Did it stop her from doing it again minutes later? NO! She has a LARGE scratch on the other side of her forehead from her second fall. She hit the entertainment center on her way down. Mom is very lucky she didn't hit even a tad harder or we would have been on our way to the ER for stitches. In his prayers last night, Ben said a prayer for Kate's forehead! I promise I do not neglect her. If you don't believe me, come on over. It won't take long for you to understand! FYI: She is taking a nap right now...the only time I get anything done. Despite it all....she is still SO darn cute and we wouldn't trade her or her personality for the world.

Monday, January 5, 2009

One DETERMINED little girl!

What am I going to do with this little girl? I gave her a dorito, set the closed bag on the stovetop and went into the front room with Ben. A minute later I heard what sounded like a chip bag in the kitchen. This is what I found. She was SOOOOO proud of herself. I couldn't help but smile for a second and snap a picture before I scolded her and counted my blessings the oven was NOT on. She has never opened the oven before, but obviously figured out that it would give her that extra height she craved today. She is ALWAYS on the GO and has NO fear!