Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Girl!

Oh, how I wish I could hold this sweet baby! My sister Ruth and her family were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl last week. Samantha Emily decided to make her arrival one to never be forgotten. She was born within less than 30 seconds of entering the hospital doors! Ben and Kate now have 42 cousins and counting!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I guess it's about time for another blog entry! I seem to have been absent from the internet world for the last couple of months. David's Grandma Higgins sent an e-mail wondering if we were okay? She even checked her blocked e-mail list to make sure we hadn't mistakenly been added. This is what we have been up to.............

Getting a house ready to sell is A LOT of work! Especially with a little helper like this...................

I have cleaned every square inch, both inside and out. All those places I normally light fixtures...fireplaces...etc. You name it, I cleaned it. Our realtor came this week and put up the sign. After they left I went outside to look and almost shed a tear. It didn't seem to belong in the front yard. Sometimes I fight the urge to take it down. But nonetheless, it will stay. Although, I know that with time Maryland will become our new home, I can't help but mourn my loss of Oklahoma. So for any of you interested here is the link to view our home. I am really going to miss it. The realtor made my month though when I read her first line in the description....Clean as a whistle! Someone noticed I cleaned! Now if I can just keep it that way! Sometimes reality is just plain hard!