Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cromwell Valley Park Field Trip

On Monday, Ben had his first official "field trip." His class visited Cromwell Valley Park and learned how to harvest pumpkins, apples, black walnuts and corn. He got to pick his own pumpkin, make and taste apple cider, crack a black walnut, grind corn into cornmeal and eat cornbread. It turned out to be a beautiful fall day. It was fun to watch Ben socialize with his classmates and see firsthand that he really has become everyone's, "best friend."

This last picture is one of Ben and his friend RJ. Ben loves RJ. I love to watch them together. RJ is the biggest kid in the class and Ben is one of the smallest, but they don't seem to care or even notice.

B&O Railroad Museum!

Anyone know what the B in B&O railroad stands for? You guessed it...Baltimore! I ventured to the railroad's museum last week with my friend Kristen and some of her kids. Kate insisted on wearing Ben's railroad hat the entire time and chanted "Choo Choo" the ENTIRE time we were there. We had a good time.

Go Stingrays!

We made the sad transition from the Tigers Soccer team to the Stingrays. Now that the season is nearly over, I am finally beginning to accept the fact and post some pictures. Sometimes Ben and I find ourselves accidentally cheering "Go Tigers" at the end of the games. Whenever Ben scores he tells me he did it for his Tiger friends. Ben has really picked up on playing defense this season. He has learned how to get back quick and get between the other team and the goal. The head coach tells us every game he is a natural born sweeper. David has continued to help coach whenever he gets the free time to do so. I hope Ben continues to enjoy playing soccer as much as I enjoy watching him.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where Have I Been?

For the past 7 weeks, I have been looking into one of these...

Today, it all became worth it when I saw these...

Our little miracle is expected to arrive in April!