Friday, April 30, 2010

For Sale: Two Year Old

Before you start your bidding there is one disclaimer I need to warn you about.....looks can be deceiving!

All in a days work for Kate:
1. Locked both her parents in the basement (good thing for us her big brother had just gone upstairs to use the bathroom)
2. Hid the lemonade filled pitcher in the crisper (It spilled everywhere and it literally took me several hours to find it. Originally, it was on the top shelf behind a gallon of milk).
3. Found the hidden black permanent marker and colored on the play table and ruined her brand new shirt the first time she wore it.
4. Got red and purple marker on the week old YELLOW couch. Thankfully, they were washable markers.
5. Has lost all interest in potty training but, hates wearing wet and poopy diapers.....yes that means she takes them off herself. She even gets out the wipes and changing pad and then practically floods the bathroom washing her hands afterwards.
6. Somehow manages to make me feel like I am the bad one.........
Karen: "Kate, I am sick and tired of it!"
Kate: "Mom, I am sick and tired of you yelling at me!"
7. Literally destroyed the laptop and somehow managed to put a password lock on it.

In her defense:
1. She does it all with a genuine smile
2. She never hesitates to say, "Sorry, Mom."
3. She now has to share her mother's attention with a pretty cute, new, little brother.

If anyone wants to visit........NOW........would be an excellent time. I could use the extra hands and eyes!
I have found myself in tears more than once this week.......and it's not because of the new baby or Ben.....they are angels.
I believe the saying should be, "Thank Heaven For Little Boys."