Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gillett Family Reunion Pictures

Its been a long time coming.......nearly 15 years to be exact........since all nine Gillett siblings have been together. Here are the photos to document the event. Unfortunately for me, it occured right after Jacob was born......keep that in mind when you look at these pictures. I have some extra baggage to lose!

How it all began 50 years ago...

The Original Gillett family!

The Better Half!

My Siblings and Their Spouses


31 of the 33 Grandchildren. Now that's a challenge for any photographer!

My Little Family




Monday, July 19, 2010

She's THREE!

Can you believe that we actually survived Kate's terrible twos? We did!!!!!!! And yes, I have already started praying Jacobs are much, much, more mild! I took a stroll through Kate's pictures this morning and attached some of my favorites. She truly has tried our patience, but has also given us so much joy! She is one of a kind! I don't think it would be a stretch to say she is one of the happiest little girls around....she always has a smile on her face! Looking back at these pictures I have realized that my first warnings of what was to come should have been when she started doing push-ups before she walked or when she opened up the oven door to reach the Doritos! Oh, the memories she has created! I even had her tested for leukemia! I should have known that yes, a child this active, would bruise that often!

Kate had a wonderful birthday. She wanted a party sooooo bad and specifically requested white cupcakes with pink frosting! She also included that she wanted Brooklynn's mom to make them....not me. Heather was kind enough to share her yummy frosting recipe and loan me her cake decorating tools so I could attempt to come close. I passed Kate's test, but I am sure Heather would have gotten a good laugh at my decorating skills! They did taste yummy though! And her gift to me....she finally decided she was ready to be potty trained. And once SHE decided, she became a pro overnight! Another lesson learned....don't try to get this girl to do anything she doesn't want to do!

We love our Kate and if you know her too.....chances love her too!