Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween 2010: The year of Woody, the Frog & the Shark!

Ever since Toy Story 3 came out, Ben has wanted to be Woody for Halloween. We realized (once again) that we weren't in Oklahoma anymore when it became impossible to find any cowboy boots in Maryland. Ben thought about switching to Superman, but decided against it. He had told his friends that he was going to be Woody and he didn't want them to think he had lied to them. So Woody it was! Ben enjoyed his parade at school and loved the trunk or treat party at the church. Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, Ben decided not to trick or treat on the Sabbath. He had no shame telling his entire class and their parents at their class party that, "he would not be able to go trick or treating this year. He was going to church instead." He later informed me that he intended to obey ALL of the commandments. I have learned a lot from Ben this past month! I am grateful for my little missionary, his tender spirit, and his strong desire to choose the right!

At first Kate wanted to be Jessie. Ben was going to be Woody after all. But, with a little bit of persuading she was wholeheartedly convinced and proud to be a frog. After all, she is a great hopper and she really can do a great "ribbet." (Oh yeah and mom already had the costume!).

Jacob had two costumes this year. An indoor and an outdoor one. He made one cute little Baby MD and an even cuter shark. These pictures really don't do him justice. I couldn't pass up the $9 old navy shark costume.

And we can't forget about the werewolf pumpkin that David spent hours carving. Too bad we didn't get a picture before it fell out of the car and lost part of its head!

And here are a few random pictures...just because!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Go make Dinner!"

How can a little package this cute stir up so much trouble?

Very easily and here is my evidence!

A couple of weeks ago Kate decided she wanted to be an artist. She used the new yellow couch as her canvas and a black ink pen as her medium. Fortunately for her mother: #1. Her big brother stopped her before the masterpiece was complete and #2. Her father was wise enough to purchase the "Guardsmen Furniture Protection Plan." Seconds after the disaster, I was scolding Kate in time out. She interrupted my repetitive and very persistent reminders that you "only write on paper" with this command......"Stop talking. Go make dinner!" As you can imagine, she fueled my fire! Fortunately for Kate, the thought didn't enter my mind to wash her mouth out with soap, like Grandma would have done, until it was much too late.

Thank you Mr. Guardsmen for successfully scrubbing my couch for an entire 45 minutes today. Kate quietly watched his every move. The only words that came from her mouth while he was in our home were..."You love me Mom!" I was thankful for the reminder.