Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Bits & Pieces

February has been an interesting month in Baltimore! We have gotten more snow this winter than Anchorage, Alaska! Needless to say, today was Ben's 1st day back to school in over 2 weeks. He was thrilled to go back. We had a fun time in the snow, but it did get old after about 4 feet of it. Everyday in February felt like some sort of weird Groundhogs day to me. We passed some of our time making sugar cookies for Valentine's day.

Kate took up running on the treadmill. She even got out my ipod, plugged in the headphones, and took off her shirt (just like Daddy does) to go for her jog.

On Thursday, I turned 31! I feel so old, despite Ben telling someone I was only 15! I got to go out to eat twice that day and got lots of birthday wishes. After many pleas from some friends in OK, I will post a picture of my belly. This will be the last! Now you can all agree that its a fact.....I am huge! Do I really have 8 weeks to go? I think I am even more ready for this baby to come than Spring!

On Saturday, Kate got her first haircut. She was an angel and absolutely loved every minute of it. She didn't want it to end!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Record Snowfall!

I can't remember the last time I was literally snowed in! Saturday marked a new record for Baltimore! We got about 26 inches at our house in 24 hours. It was pretty crazy, but fun since David was off this weekend and we never lost power. It took David nearly 7 hours to shovel the driveway and sidewalk! Maybe now he can finally empathize with my sore pregnant back! For the first time, I was relieved my due date was still far off and I didn't have to rely on David's 6 week OB rotation to deliver this baby! David spent most of yesterday playing with the kids in the snow. They sure had a good time sledding in our backyard and building a snow cave. Not only did we surpass the record single snowfall this weekend, but we also surpassed the record snowfall for the winter. Looks like we moved here just in time. And looks like Nana's best investment all year will be Ben and Kate's snowsuits. They sure have been put to good use!