Friday, May 30, 2014

Christmas Festivities 2013

We started off the month of December with snow in Baltimore!  The kids always get excited for snow!

Jacob and Emily enjoyed Jacob's preschool Holiday party.  Santa visited the classroom and Emily wasn't even fact, she snuggled right up to him!  

On December 1st, we started a new ornament tradition to help us all learn more about the life of the Savior.  Each day in December highlighted a different story from the life of Christ.  Along with each story, came a corresponding ornament that we hung on the tree each night.  The kids really enjoyed it and it welcomed the Christmas spirit into our home!  Christmas Eve brought new jammies for all!    

I tried to find a picture of David where he didn't look sooooo tired, but he's been tired every day since he started his fellowship, so I was not very successful!  It was a quiet Christmas, but one enjoyed by all!  

Here is our 2013 Christmas card!

We made our last trip to the Washington, D.C. Temple to see the Christmas lights and International Nativity scenes (and a Cafe Rio run).  It's always a beautiful trip.

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