Friday, May 30, 2014

New Year's Eve in NYC!

Ever since David matched at Hopkins in 2008, we promised Ben a trip to see the Statue of Liberty.  After 5 years, we decided we better plan a time before our Baltimore days were over.  David had a few days off, so we took advantage and headed to NYC.  We knew we were asking for trouble going to NYC for New Year's Eve, but we took the challenge and actually fared quite well (or maybe I just can't remember all the details after 6 months)!  We spent two days in NYC and one night on Staten Island. One of the kids favorite parts of all, was riding the Staten Island Ferry back and forth.  It gives you a great view of the city, the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn bridge.  And let's be honest, what kid doesn't like riding a ferry!

We came out of the subway for the first time at Times Square!  Let's just say it was crowded.  Ben was ready to leave within a couple of minutes.  We all decided right then, that it was a good thing we were moving to Idaho and not NYC!  We saw the ball and headed on our way.  

The kids spotted the Disney Store and we were history for a good hour!  

Kate was ready to move on to the American Girl Store and Ben had been begging to go to the Lego store so we ventured out.  Those two stores were beyond crowded.  We had to wait in long lines outside just to get in and then it was nearly impossible to move once we got inside.  (My memory is suddenly returning....imagine navigating a double stroller through all that and a 3 year old announcing he needed to use the bathroom, ASAP.  Those were some stressful moments!)  

The tree was lit outside the Rockefeller Center.  Kate was so disappointed she couldn't go skating on the ice rink!    

Somewhere along the way we passed this Nutcracker and Kate just had to have a picture. 

On our way back to the ferry we went through Times Square again. They were practicing for the big night.  Emily was bewildered!  

On day two, we ventured to Central Park.  It was freezing, but the kids loved every second of it.  

We headed into FAO Schwartz to warm up.  It was difficult to get the kids out of there! 

We knew we needed to get out of the city before it got too late on New Year's Eve, so we headed to get some pizza on our way out.  We all had a great time, but knew this signal from Jacob meant our day was through!  

After all our travels over the 2 days, I would have to say my favorite memory will be our first time getting on the subway.  We had our double stroller with us and thought that we needed to collapse it down and carry it through the turnstile.  So David collapsed it and the plan was for him to go through with it first, while I waited on the other side with the kids.  Once he was through, I would then send the kids and follow up in the rear.  Well, David got stuck in the turnstile (bent over) with the stroller.  He made it in, but was not making it out!  I'm still kicking myself for not taking a picture, but I knew I was walking a very fine line.  He was in a predicament and I wasn't quite sure how he would react with me taking snapshots of his backside rather than helping him.  The kids on the other hand....let the laughter fly!  I think it was pretty obvious we were tourists.  But, who wouldn't have at least one little hiccup in the Big Apple with 4 little kids on New Year's Eve?  For me, that moment made the entire trip (melt downs, potty breaks, bitter cold and all) worth it!  Good times!    


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